Animation Studio Review – New Video Software By Paul Ponna and Todd Gross

Today I will be doing a review of Animation Studio by Paul Ponna.  I am going to show you what itis and how it works. That way you’ll have a better idea of it before you decide if you want to buy it or not. You can check out the links underneath this video.

So What Is Animation Studio?

This is a new video creation product by Todd Gross and Paul  Ponna and so what I want to do is actually take you inside of the tool and show you what it is and what it does. This software is perfect for those of us that want to make really cool animation videos, especially for local clients, with point and click ease.

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What I Like About Animation Studio Software

This software has a lot of features that I love:

  1. It comes with a bunch of premade templates
  2. It is really easy to add your logo and text to these templates
  3. It comes with some pre-done voice overs for many of the templates
  4. It comes with text to speech technology that is pretty advanced
  5. You will save a lot of money and time with the text to speech because you will not have to hire voice over artists or do the voice overs yourself if you do not want to
  6. You can make animations from scratch using their backgrounds and characters
  7. You can adjust the timing on each slide
  8. It comes with background music that you have the right to add to your videos
  9. With the commercial license you can create these animations in minutes and sell them to companies for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. There are people making a full time income just branding videos like this and reselling them.

What I Didn’t Like

Now for someone who’s never done this
before, which I’ve never done much with
animation videos,  it took me a few minutes to figure out where everything was and what it did. You may have this issue as well. This is typical with any new software or skill that you get into. It didn’t take very long to figure it out, just understand that going in and have fun learning the different features. The good news is that customer service is really good. You will get your questions answered.


Animation Studio Software by Todd Gross and Paul Ponna is a great Animation tool for local marketers and local businesses. You can create these videos in minutes, with voiceovers and music and then sell them to local companies. If you have no experience creating these types of videos, this software makes the whole process point and click simple. You could even hand the software to an outsourcers and have them make the videos that you can sell for a healthy profit.

I buy all of Todd Gross and Paul Ponna’s video creation software because it:

  1. Just plain works straight out of the box
  2. Is cloud based so it works whether I am on a PC or Mac
  3. It always has the most up to date features and then goes above and beyond with features I had not even thought of
  4. Their customer service is phenomenal

Animation Studio fits all of these criteria. It is easy to use and is an awesome way to churn out high quality local videos in minutes with all of the bells and whistles the clients love.

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